Frequently Asked Questions

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes our workmanship comes with a 5 year guarantee.  The paint is guaranteed by the manufacturer.


What kind of paint do you use?

We mainly use Dulux and Wattyl.  In our experience they are the two best paint brands on the market.  How ever on some jobs if the customer requests another paint brand we will use it but not recommend it.


Do you use Oil based Paint or Water based Paint?

It depends on the surface.  These days paint production has come along way.  Water based paints are very durabe.  We recommend oil based paints on doors,  door frames and skirting boards.  Using oil based paint requires a lot more skill compared to water based paint that is why not many painters use it.


Can you help us with choosing the colour?

Yes we can.  We can tell you which colours are more forgiving, which reflect the suns heat etc.  we can provide colour charts and sample pots to help you decide what colour is suitable for your project.


Can you paint over fly poo?

As you probably know in Gisborne the fly’s are bad in summer and they like to poo all over the walls and ceilings.  Thats why we wash walls, ceilings and frames with sugar soup before we even think about getting a brush out.  Fly poo cannot be painted over as it will bleed through the finished paint.


Do you sand between coats of paint?

Yes we do!  The rule of thumb is to give every surface a light sand before and between coats.  In some cases  a lot of sanding is required to get a nice even surface to start with.


How much do you charge?

How long is a piece of string?  With every job the scope of work is different so its impossible to give an accurate price without looking at the job and discussing the details with the client.  In saying that, we are not the cheapest painting company in town.  We provide a premium service.


Is it always bad to paint in the direct sunlight?

Yes it is bad to paint a surface in direct sunlight, especially in Gisborne.  If you paint in the direct sunlight the paint will dry too fast and will not have good adhesion to the surface which might cause it to bubble in the future.  Its best to work your way around the house one step ahead of the sun, remain in the shade, it’s better for you and better for the job.


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